Learn how to half double crochet!

A row of half double crochet stitches
Half double crochet

Half double crochet is very similar to double crochet. To make learning the half double crochet stitch easier, learn to chain and single crochet first if you don’t know how already. If you don’t know how to chain see my post Learn the Chain Stitch! To learn how to single crochet see my post Learn how to single crochet! If you’ve already had some practice with the chain and single crochet stitches, read on!

Supplies you’ll need to half double crochet

Use whatever you have handy, but I find the following sizes the most comfortable to learn and practice with. Start with an inexpensive skein of yarn that’s medium weight and a crochet hook that’s easy to handle like an F (3.75 mm) or G (4 mm). In the pictures below I’m using an H (5 mm) hook and a skein of Red Heart Super Saver. I’m right-handed so these instructions illustrate right-handed crochet.

Build your foundation

You’ll need to make some chains to start as a foundation to work your half double crochet stitches. It doesn’t matter how many so you can make as many as you want. Make your chain loose enough to be able to easily insert your hook into each stitch.

A few chain stitches
Begin with a length of chain stitches

Once you have your chain finished, pass the yarn over your hook from back to front.

Yarn over hook after making chain
Pass yarn over hook from back to front

Next, insert your hook into the third chain from the hook. Skipping the first 2 chains will give you room to work and will also count as your first half double crochet when you go on to making rows of stitches.

Hook inserted into chain
Insert hook into third chain from hook

When you insert your hook into a chain stitch, notice how each chain is made up of 3 strands of yarn, kind of like a braid. Insert your hook so that 2 strands are above the hook and only one strand of the chain stitch is under your hook. I find his keeps my work more sturdy and compact.

Now that you’ve inserted your hook into the chain stitch, pass the yarn over your hook again the same as you did before, back to front.

With hook successfully inserted, arn over hook
Yarn over hook again

Hold it steady!

Keeping the hook angled so the crook of the hook catches the yarn that you just passed over, begin to pull the hook back through the chain stitch.

Hook descending back through chain stitch
Pull the hook back down into the chain stitch

After you’ve successfully pulled the yarn through the stitch, you will have 3 loops of yarn on your hook. You’ll have your original loop, the loop you made when you passed the yarn over your hook the first time and the new loop you just pulled back through the chain stitch.

3 loops on the hook
You now have 3 loops on your hook

Hold the chain close to the hook with a little tension to keep the loops in place. Pass the yarn over the hook again.

Yarn goes over the hook again
Yarn over hook again

A little Tricky but exciting!

Turn the hook so the crook of the hook catches the yarn that you just passed over the hook. Begin to pull the yarn downward. You are going to pull this loop of yarn straight through all 3 loops that are on your hook.

Hook pulling yarn through all 3 loops at once
Pull hook and yarn through all 3 loops on hook

If this is awkward or difficult for you, you don’t have to pull the hook through all 3 stitches at once. You can pull it through them one at a time. If you’re having trouble fitting the hook into your chain stitches, you may have made your chain too tight. With practice you’ll know just the right amount of tension you need to make your stitches loose enough to work with easily. It takes practice to keep all your stitches even and not too tight or too loose. You can do it!

When you’ve pulled the yarn through all 3 stitches you’ll have only one loop on your hook. You’ve made your first half double crochet! Yay!

Stitch is complete
One loop on hook and one half double crochet!

Continue to half double crochet to the end of your chain. If you want to make a new row, chain 2 at the end of your first row and turn your work. After turning your work, you should now be holding your finished row to the left side of your hook.

In your new row and every future row, yarn over and insert your hook into the first stitch. You only skip stitches while starting your first row. Keep practicing until you feel comfortable with the half double crochet and feel ready to try a new stitch!

If you want to learn to double crochet click here. To learn how to single crochet click here.

Happy crocheting!