How to Crochet the Bobble Stitch

Close up of bobbles

Bobbles add a nice texture to your work, much like the popcorn stitch. Bobbles are made like a cluster stitch where you hold a loop from each of a series of stitches on the hook and pull yarn through all of them at once. Except bobbles are all created within one stitch from the previous row. Clusters are created within several stitches from the previous row. Confusing? No, not at all!

Possible bobble varieties

Bobble stitches can be made with a different number of stitches, so check your pattern for a special stitch section. The designer will have designated how to make the bobble stitch for that specific pattern. I’m going to be making bobbles with 5 double crochet (dc) stitches. If you need to learn how to double crochet, you can learn how here.

What you need to make your bobbles

Use whatever you have handy, but I find the following sizes the most comfortable to learn and practice with. Start with an inexpensive skein of yarn that’s medium weight and a crochet hook that’s easy to handle like an F (3.75 mm) or G (4 mm). In the pictures below I’m using an H (5 mm) hook and a skein of Red Heart Super Saver. I’m right-handed so these instructions illustrate right-handed crochet.

Let’s crochet a bobble stitch!

First, make yourself a chain of about 20 stitches to use as a foundation. Next, start your first double crochet like usual by passing the yarn over the hook and inserting the hook into the 4th chain from the hook. The first 3 chains will be counted as your first double crochet.

Start a double crochet stitch
Yarn over hook, insert into 4th chain from hook

Continue to double crochet as usual by passing the yarn over the hook again and pulling it through the chain stitch. You now have 3 loops on your hook.

Yarn over hook. 3 loops on hook
Yarn over hook, 3 loops on hook

Yarn over and pull through 2 loops only. Do not finish the double crochet. You now have 2 loops remaining on your hook.

Two loops on hook, partial double crochet made
Keep 2 loops on your hook.

Leaving the 2 loops on your hook, make another double crochet in the same stitch repeating the previous steps. As before, only pull the yarn through the first 2 loops on the hook. You should now have 3 loops on your hook. You’re still working in that same chain stitch.

3 loops on hook. 3 partial double crochet stitches
3 loops on your hook.

Repeat the instructions in the last paragraph. You should now have 4 loops on your hook.

4 loops on hook, 4 partial double crochet stitches
4 loops on the hook

Repeat the last paragraph. Now you will have 5 loops on your hook.

5 loops on hook, 5 partial double crochet stitches
5 loops on hook

Yarn over your hook and pull through all loops at once. This will compete your first bobble stitch! Congratulations!

One 5 dc  bobble stitch
Your first bobble stitch!

Chain 1.

Bobble stitch, chain 1
Chain 1

Let’s make another bobble!

In the next chain stitch, repeat the previous instructions, making 5 partial double crochet stitches in the same stitch. There are no chain stitches to skip like at the beginning of the row. You won’t count any chain 3 as your first double crochet. You will have 6 loops on your hook.

1 bobble stitch and 6 loops on hook, 5 partial double crochet stitches
Six loops on hook

As you did the first time, yarn over and pull the hook through all stitches at once. You now have 2 bobble stitches made!

2 completed bobble stitches
2 bobble stitches!

Chain 1 to finish off the second bobble.

2 bobble stitches, chain 1.
2 bobble stitches, chain 1

Here’s what a small row of bobbles looks like:

A sample row of bobble stitches
A row of bobbles

Here’s what a couple of rows of bobbles look like:

2 rows of bobble stitches
2 rows of bobble stitches

I made a kind of zigzag effect with my bobbles. You can do them in straight columns if you like. You can make them between rows of other stitches as well. Any way you want!

Have fun with your bobbles!