How to Crochet the Moss Stitch

Pinterest pic How to Moss stitch

Whether you call this stitch Moss, Granite, Linen, Woven, or something else it makes a nice looking, solid fabric. I know I say this about every other stitch, but it’s easy! If you know how to single crochet, you can learn the Moss stitch. You can learn to single crochet here in case you need a lesson or just a refresher.

Supplies you’ll need to learn the moss stitch

A number 4 weight worsted yarn is good to practice with. It’s easier to work with than a fine yarn or a heavy yarn. I’m using a size H/ hook for the same reason. It’s not too big and not too slim. I can concentrate on learning the stitch without the challenge of handling extreme size hooks or  yarn.

Let’s learn the moss stitch!

First, you need a foundation row of chain stitches. If you need a refresher on making chain stitches, you can find some instructions here. Chain 21, an odd number, but it works.

21 chain stitches
Chain 21

Row 1: This is fun!

Single crochet in the second stitch from the hook, then chain 1.

Row of chains, single crochet and chain 1
SC in 2nd chain from hook, ch 1.

Now, skip the next chain and single crochet in the next chain. So you’ll have one single crochet and an empty chain, then another single crochet. The empty space will be reserved with the chain 1.

single crochet, chain 1, single crochet
Skip the next chain, single crochet in the next chain.

Continue this pattern of chain 1, skip next stitch, single crochet in next stitch to the end of the row. Your last stitch will be single crochet in the last chain. Chain 1, turn. (21 stitches)

One row of moss stitch
One row of Moss stitch

Row 2: The pattern is looking good!

Single crochet in the first chain 1 space on the previous row. Chain 1, single crochet in the next chain 1 space. Follow this pattern across to the end of the row. End the row with single crochet in the last stitch. Chain 1, turn. (21 stitches)

2 rows of Moss stitch
2 rows of Moss stitch

A nice looking swatch!

That’s all there is to it! Continue row 2 until you’re all Moss-ed out, or whatever you feel comfortable calling this lovely stitch. Whether it’s Moss, Granite, Linen, Woven or whatever, it’s mind-calming fun.

A swatch of Moss Stitch
A nice swatch of Moss stitch.