How to Crochet the Mini Bean Stitch

Mini Bean Pinterest pic

The mini bean stitch (aka Elizabeth stitch) is a fun little stitch that gives you a nice subtle texture within a solid fabric. The stitch basically consists of a cluster of a single crochet and a double crochet stitch.You can use this fun and easy stitch to make a bag or a blanket or anything that calls for a fairly tight fabric. I personally get a lot of joy and satisfaction from working this stitch because it’s so fun and simple, yet becomes a luxuriously textured fabric. So, let’s make some mini beans!

Let’s Gather Supplies!

A medium weight worsted yarn is good to learn with. It’s easier to work with than a fine yarn or a heavy yarn. In the photos below I’m using a size H/ hook. It’s not too big and not too slim. I can concentrate on learning the stitch without the challenge of handling extreme size hooks or yarn. I can just have fun with it.

Build Your Foundation

Very simple! Chain 20.

20 chain stitches
Chain 20

Insert your hook into the second chain from the hook.

Hook inserting into chain
Insert hook into 2nd chain from hook.

Yarn over hook.

Hook inserted into ch, yo
Yarn over hook

Pull the hook with the yarn over it back through the chain stitch just like you would a normal single crochet. You should have two loops on your hook. Then yarn over hook again.

yarn over hook with 2 loops on hook
Yarn over hook

We’re just getting started!

Keeping the yarn over the hook, insert the hook back into the same chain stitch. Then yarn over hook again.

Hook inserted
Insert hook into the same chain stitch.

Now, pull the hook and the yarn back through the chain. You should have 4 loops on your hook.

4 loops on hook
4 loops on hook

Yarn over hook.

Yarn over hook, 4 loops on hook.
Yarn over hook

Pull through all the loops at once.

yo all loops on hook
Yarn through all loops on hook.

Your First Mini Bean Stitch!

One mini bean stitch
One mini bean stitch

Now, we’ll continue down the row. Next, chain 1.

Mini bean stitch and one chain
Chain 1

Skip the next chain and make a mini bean in the next stitch.

2 mini bean stitches
Two mini bean stitches with a chain space between

Follow this pattern to the end of the row: mini bean, chain 1, skip one chain stitch. You will have 10 mini bean stitches when the row is complete.

One row of 10 mini bean stitches
One row of 10 mini bean stitches

Chain 1 and turn. The next and following rows you will work your mini bean stitches into the chain one space of the previous row.

So, to begin the second row, mini bean in the first chain space, chain 1, skip over the mini bean stitch on the previous row. Mini bean in the next chain 1 space to the end of the row. Chain 1, turn.

Two rows of mini bean stitches.
Two rows of mini bean stitches.

Isn’t it fun? And pretty too! Here’s a swatch of mini beans:

A swatch of mini beans
A swatch of mini beans

Continue to your heart’s content!