How to Crochet the V Stitch

V stands for very pretty and very fun! We’ve already learned the X stitch and now we’ll learn the V stitch. I find the V stitch easier than the X stitch, but just as pretty. The V stitch makes good use of the double crochet stitch just as the X stitch does, so if you like to double crochet, you’ll like both of these stitches of the alphabet! If you don’t know how to double crochet or need a refresher, you can learn it here. This post shows two different practice versions for the V stitch. Version 1 alternates rows of double crochet and V stitch. Version 2 consists of a foundation row of double crochet and then a row over row of V stitches. Vroom!

V Stitch Supplies

All you need is a ball or skein of yarn and a crochet hook. Use whatever you have handy, but I find the following sizes the most comfortable to learn and practice with. Start with an inexpensive skein of yarn that’s medium weight and a crochet hook that’s easy to handle like an F (3.75 mm) or G (4 mm). In the pictures below I’m using an H (5 mm) hook and a remnant of worsted weight yarn (size 4). I’m right-handed so these instructions illustrate right-handed crochet.

Let’s V Stitch!

Chain 19 to start.

19 chain stitches
Chain 19

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